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Subject: WebSockets

Talk: The Interactive Web and Crossplatform Realtime-applications with WebSockets

From streaming and messaging via online gaming and collaboration to the point of remote control and monitoring: This session shows the field-tested application of jWebSocket. The real-time data exchange with Tomcat, jQuery and Sencha/ExtJS will be demonstrated and how browser based and native apps become cross-platform all-in-one solutions. Further you learn how the right balance between client and server code helps to create and maintain service oriented architectures and abstractions of long-term commercial applications for mobile and stationary platforms.

PDF of Alexander's presentation

Alexander Schulze Alexander Schulze has been working as a software developer and IT consultant for more than 20 years. His experience is based on the implementation of plenty of international and intersectoral software projects. He is a training supervisor for qualified IT specialists and Certified Scrum Master. Alexander published several books and professional articles on computing and speaks on international conferences. He is founder of the jWebSocket Framework and is supervising a world market leader on computer components where he is responsible for the web and communication technologies and databases.
 When: Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012