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Subject: Titanium Mobile

Talk: Crossplatform development with Titanium Mobile

The Tool "Titanium Mobile" by the Californian company appcelerator has made huge progress in the USA and has started gaining ground in Europe. In this session Marcus will explain how to create native applications for different mobile platforms with Titanium mobile. By using JavaScript as the development language the steep training curve that classic app development generates is void. In doing so HTML5 is not used but the UI components of the platform. In the end an application has been created that runs under Android as well as iOS  as native app´s for the stores and mobile Web as well. In short: attend to the session, see what can be done with one source for several plattforms in native speed and save time & money in your projects with that approach.

link to Marcus' presentation
Marcus RossMarcus Ross
is a freelance developer and trainer. After 10 years of being an
employee in several companies he is now doing SQL-­BI Projects and
everything that ́s cross platform mobile. Two years ago he felt in love
with JavaScript. He is a regular author in the German magazine
"mobileWebDeveloper". In his spare free time, he is often seen at
conferences, as an attendee and a speaker with the subjects of mobile
and JavaScript things. He is also the author of the German book
"Webapplications with Apache Cordova". As the only official German
trainer for Appcelerator Titanium mobile, he drives along with the edge
of technology. He also wrote the eBook "Entwickeln mit Titanium Mobile".
When: Monday, 15th of October, 2012