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Subject: Node.js

Talk: Playing Nice in the Nodejs Sandbox

Running untrusted code is always a hairy problem in programming environments. This talk will explore some of the potential problems with running untrusted code such as: resource starvation, cpu starvation, accessing unsafe functions, and data leaking. After, it will describe various methods of sandboxing to defeat these potential problems and compare these methods for running untrusted code more securely in a Nodejs environment.

PDF download of Joe's presentation


Joe RoznerJoe Rozner
works as a Software Engineer at Mulu. He has been doing professional web development for the past 6 years and began working with Node.js in the last two. He has a long-standing interest in computer security and secure programming. The last three years he has organized the Open Capture the Flag competition at DEFCON; one of the world's largest hacker conventions.
 When: Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012