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Subject: JavaScript

Talk: Best approaches for making large-scale Web apps

Web technologies and JavaScript in particular have become extremely powerful and very easy to start playing with lately. They evolve rapidly, and gain more popularity every day. But there are also some drawbacks: lack of OOP and modularity in the language, messy pile of libraries, frameworks, tools and techniques, shortage of standard workflows — all the comfort we have become really accustomed to in the enterprise development world. During my talk I will give you an overview of the best practices to be productive when creating production-scale, reliable and long-living Web apps. They include the right ways of writing an Object-oriented JavaScript, refactoring your code and keeping it clean, checking and testing the code, choosing the right libraries and frameworks, quick prototyping with instant response. You will see many libraries and technologies in action, from jQuery and Node.js to SASS, CoffeeScript and Mocha.

Link to Kirill's presentation slides

Kirill SafonovKirill Safonov

Despite his degree in Solid state physics, Kirill Safonov has always been a fan of computers and programming in particular. Started with small funny games for ZX Spectrum and ASM-written boot-loaders, now he is senior developer at JetBrains and member of WebStorm and IntelliJ IDEA teams. Kirill mostly contributes to JavaScript and Flash support and also to IntelliJ IDEA platform infrastructure and core. During his free time Kirill likes to play football, ride the bike around St. Petersburg and play with Big Data using Map-reduce techniques.


meet Kirill on twitter: @ksafonov
When: Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012