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Subject: JavaScript & HTML5 canvas, WebGL and OpenGL

Talk: Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Games with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas, WebGL and OpenGL

The buzzword HTML5 includes several raising technologies for usage inside the Browser. They allow us to do several things cross-browser, like building 2D web games. But due to their asynchronous implementations across different platforms, it is not that easy to create a high performance web application.

lycheeJS is a game library that offers such solutions that the developer doesn't has to worry about how to implement different features cross-platform. It's underlying architecture allows being used in every JavaScript runtime environment, independent of the rendering methods used and of platform specific implementations.

To take the lycheeJS game stack even further, the lycheeJS-ADK (App Development Kit) was introduced, using a custom V8 with OpenGL bindings and data types for interactions. It allows native builds, such as cross-compiled builds to Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and other platforms.

The talk will primarily handles the evolution of the game engine stack, how it evolved and what issues came up with different parts of the APIs. There will also be several examples showing how to use the cross-platform GLUT (freeglut) bindings to implement high level Polyfills like setInterval or setTimeout that are available in the v8 native builds and platform/v8gl inside the lycheeJS game stack.

Link to the slides of this presentation

Subject: JavaScript

Talk: Writing High Performance JavaScript Code

The talk will focus on showing you how to write high performance JavaScript code. To make you a JavaScript ninja, you will have to learn a couple of things. This talk will handle a variety of important topics that are necessary to write high performant JavaScript applications and will explain how JITs are optimizing your code, how you can write clean code and how to avoid garbage. You will learn how memory and callstack allocation is done behind the scenes.
To take this further, the talk will use typical examples and show you how to apply this knowledge and how to optimize an already existing codebase.

Link to the slides of this presentation

Christoph MartensChristoph Martens
worked at Zynga Germany as a JavaScript engineer where he developed a cross-Browser game engine using the open web stack. He created some Open Source projects like the Zynga Jukebox or the Zynga Speedrun, which was an internal Rendering benchmark for improving the performance together with the Browser vendors. In his spare time, he is mostly a linux kernel hacker and a v8 hacker, working on his JavaScript game engine lycheeJS. To prevent his head from exploding, he also does much sports like Martial Arts on the slackline or skating freeline.
meet Christoph on twitter: @martensms