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Subject: Google Web Toolkit & Phonegap

Talk: Building Mobile Apps with GWT & Phonegap

Building mobile apps and webpages with mgwt & gwt-phonegap is a great way to build cross platform mobile apps in Java. Especially porting your existing GWT apps becomes incredibly easy.
With Phonegap you can build cross platform apps based on web standards. This can be done with Javascript. GWT on the other hand is an excellent tool for building fast Javascript apps in Java, but it is missing some key parts for building great mobile apps with it. The two open source projects mgwt and gwt-phonegap close this gap: mgwt provides mobile widgets, that look like native widgets for different platforms - gwt-phonegap enables GWT apps to use Phonegap. 
Putting these frameworks to work creates performant mobile apps that feel like native apps while being platform independent.

Subject: HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and PhoneGap

Workshop: Workshop on jQuery mobile & PhoneGap (together with Piotr Walczyszyn, Adobe)

Daniel Kurka Daniel Kurka
has been a web developer for almost 15 years. He is a member of the Goggle Web Toolkit steering committee that drives GWT development. Since 2009 he is building mobile Apps with GWT and Phonegap and has released two open source projects that have become the standard for building mobile apps with GWT .
meet Daniel on twitter:@dankurka
When: Monday, 15th of October, 2012