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Subject: HTML5

Talk: HTML5 Mobile Web Apps and the Open Mobile Revolution

The open mobile revolution is upon us! Thanks to HTML5 and open web standards, mobile web apps can compete head to head with native applications by using features such as geolocation, offline caching, web storage and canvas among many others. In this session we will cover the basics of mobile web apps creation, identifying the most effective HTML5 features for mobile platforms and examining their compatibility with different devices, using just 'vanilla' HTML5 and JavaScript. We will also talk about the current and future opportunities for distributing and monetizing your web apps, with a focus on the new web apps marketplaces. Whether you are a web developer looking for a way to "go mobile", or you are interested in the mobile web apps market, this session is for you.

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Emanuele Bolognesi Emanuele Bolognesi brings his over 13 years' experience in the mobile and web industry as the Head of AppsFuel, an innovative project focused on HTML5 and targeted to mobile Web Apps developers.
Prior to AppsFuel, Emanuele gained a solid experience working in Dada.net as the Head of the Mobile Apps Division, leveraging on his deep knowledge of iOS and Android development in the mobile app marketplace invironment.
Emanuele spent several years as Chief Software Architect developing his expertise in different programming languages, such as Perl, Php and JavaScript. He also gives lessons about web technologies, HTML5, CSS3 and mobile apps design. He holds a degree in Computer Science. He recently spoke at jsDay 2012 in Verona and Over the Air 2012 in London.
Follow him on Twitter @emabolo