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Subject: Testing & Debugging

Talk: Mobile Web Testing & Debugging Best Practices

Jay is going to cover a number of approaches to quality-check consistency and performance of code in production across multiple mobile operating systems and browser engines. This is no one-way presentation, since Jay wants to hear about your experiences and discuss the latest best practices on this important topic with all session attendants. We'll nail down the best approach to select the right farm of devices as well as the right tools and tests for your job. At the end of the session you'll either walk away with an ideal starting point, important additions to your existing QA workflow - or as part of the glorious few that knew it all and shared their genius with others.  

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Andre Jay Meissner Andre Jay Meissner is a passionate diving enthusiast, tech geek and code freak, entrepreneur and BDM/DevRel Web & Mobile at Adobe. He focuses on webstandards, responsive and multiplatform development as well as gaming. Jay blogs at http://klick-ass.com, follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/klick_ass
 When: Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012