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Subject: Popcorn.js

Talk: Popcorn - lightly salted

Mozilla's media toolkit for easy mashups

Take the HTML5 video tag, a movie, mix it with a touch of JavaScript, and add some external content from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, or Flickr. With the assistance of the Popcorn.js framework you can easily turn your web movie into an outstanding interactive web project.

What is Popcorn.js and how do you use it? This talk gives an introduction on how to work with the Mozilla library and show some examples, including Popcorn and HTML5 code snippets.

PDF of the presentation

Renate Hermanns Renate Hermanns works as a freelance web developer. HTML5 and CSS 3 are her favourite tools when she's creating websites with responsive design, especially when adapting them for mobile devices. She also develops in JavaScript to add useful features to her sites.
When: Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012