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Subject: Ext JS 4.1

Talk: Performance Optimization Best Practices in Ext JS 4.1

ExtJS 4 introduced some very powerful new abilities. Making the most of these while optimizing application performance can be a challenge. Ensuring that the framework does only what your application requires of it is the key to a responsive UI. This session will explain why newly ported apps can sometimes encounter performance problems, and also explain how to change the apps to avoid some common performance bottlenecks

Link to the slides of this presentation

Workshop: ExtJS Consultation Hour - A guided problem solving session with ExtJS experts

Participants should bring their working application and an IDE or editor to be able to modify it.

It would be best for people to submit questions before so that we can choose problems that are solvable and have general interest.
We collect your problems - you will get a solution on October 16th, 2012!

This session will probably be more like a class. It could be that people will bring their machines to the front so that the display can be projected while working.

Nige White Nige White brings more than 20 years experience to his role as a software architect at Sencha. He has been working with rich Internet applications, and dynamic browser updating techniques since before the term "Ajax" was coined. Since the germination of Ext JS he has contributed code, documentation, and design input.