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Subject: Node.js

Workshop Node.js & Co.

There's hardly a programming language in the last 15 years with a career comparing to JavaScript's one: What started off as a simple and exotic scripting language for client-side interaction within the browser in 1995 is driving nearly all big, modern and web 3.0-ish web applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Co. And that's just the beginning: Meanwhile, you can find JavaScript on every desktop and every mobile device, becoming more and more powerful and wide-spread ... so why don't you use JavaScript on the server-side as well to create your web applications? Golo Roden talks about Node.js, the (probably) next big thing in high-performance, scalable and real-time web application development.

                                                                                                                                                                                  When: Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012

Subject: Firefox OS

Firefox OS: The web is the phone

For long the browser wars had fallen into oblivion, but they have never been dead and gone. In fact, they resurrected a few years ago as the mobile wars: Each platform has its own exclusive and proprietary set of languages, frameworks and tools. You want to develop a mobile app? No problem: Just rewrite from scratch for each single platform. The upcoming 'Firefox OS' is the white flag: A light-weight mobile operating system completely based on the native web technologies we have been using for years. Write an app? Do it in HTML5! Enhance the phone? Do it in HTML5! Provide services? Do it in HTML5! Golo Roden introduces you to Firefox OS, talks about its ideas, concepts and current state of implementation. If you are a web developer and interested in mobile, call, uhm ... join!

When: Monday, 15th of October, 2012

Golo Roden Golo Roden is a freelance broadcaster of knowledge and technology consultant for web technologies, code quality and agile methods. He advises companies on these topics to help them evaluate, explore and apply suitable technologies and methods. In addition to this, he works as a journalist for various trade publications and as a speaker and content manager for conferences at home and abroad. Microsoft has awarded Golo the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for C# accolade twice in recognition of his excellent work in the community.