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Videos + Slides of our JavaScript Conference February 27, 2012

A big "Thank you!" to our speaker and our participants. We think it was a great conference and the feed-back we got from you confirms our impression.

This was our programme:

1. Talk: The jQuery Projects with Jörn Zaefferer

2. Talk: Design Patterns for Maintainable and Testable JavaScript Web Apps with Stefan Scheidt

3. Talk: pdf/2012_Feb/JavaScript_Conference_2012_Mathias_Schaefer_Backbone_js.pdf

4. Talk: HTML5 and WebSockets: The Web Communication Revolution by Matthias Wessendorf

5. Talk: App Development with JavaScript by Vladimir Dobriakov (no coverage available)

6. Hands-on Session: JavaScript Code Kata with Stefan Scheidt + Bastian Söhnchen

7. Workshop: App Development with JavaScript with Vladimir Dobriakov (no coverage available)

For all who want to read and watch again what they saw and for all who are simply interested in seeing what they missed:

SLIDES from February 2012

VIDEOS from February 2012